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how to buy art in the net

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art on the net
thoughts on “buy art on the net”

Buyer Tips:

To buy art in the net is obvious. The exhibition rooms of the internet are always open. This has the advantage that one can look at his favorite picture before buying again and again. That is at least until someone else has acquired it. Another advantage is that you can easily pass the link to art on the net. So you can easily show the picture to the partner or the partner and discuss it.

Trust is good, communication is better.

moderne Kunst kaufen: Totalisator Kunst zu erwerbenSeize the advantage! The disadvantage is, as always on the Internet, in its anonymity and uncertainty in terms of reliability. Eliminate this drawback that personal contact is lacking before you buy art! Use the opportunity to get to know the artist by email, phone call or visit! Just clarify without obligation all questions about your favorite. A painting is not an industrial product that is always the same. It is unique and the selection can be correspondingly intense. The artist will understand!

The response of the online gallery also gives you the opportunity to assess their professionalism and reliability. It’s not just web design or search engine ranking that counts. It’s about painting – let nothing dazzle you. Web design or a high-ranking search engine entry say nothing about the quality of the painting.

Red isn’t red.

Symbol-Bild: Kunst kaufen im Netz

When viewing the works on the web, please remember that paintings are displayed differently in each monitor. Monitors with realistic colors are very expensive. A corresponding calibration is very expensive. Also the scanning and photographing let the colors appear a bit different than the original is actually …

If you are unsure, try to see more of the original. Maybe you let z. B. send ordinary photo prints by regular mail. The purpose of art on websites is to get a taste and find your favorite. If you are interested in buying then you should learn more about your picture as described above. Maybe it will be possible to watch it live. You should insist on a return policy.

Try size before you buy art

moderne Kunst: beliebt als Druck: schlafendes BandIt has also proved helpful to really become aware of the indicated size of the work on the wall. This is possible, for example, with a tailor-made paper. Or with a folding rule bent at right angles. So 150cm are over a couch or furniture but surprisingly much ….

In the end, there will surely be an original that you want, and which you should access as well, if you like it, so that it will not be snatched away in the vastness of the Internet by anyone else.

Have fun with it!