foto of the artist Thomas Brill

My name is Thomas Brill and I am born 72. Today I mainly paint oil paintings and occasionally murals. On this website I show my works in oil on canvas. I am very interested in art and also like to do webdesign.

Since the early 90s, I have been designing and regularly exhibiting the paintings in exhibitions and offering them for sale. Since 98 I run this site

In addition to the fascination and passion of painting, other things make me special. I am the father of two girls, happily married, Exile Saarlanders, school counselor by profession, read, cook, bake, ponder and enjoy.<


  • born: 1972 in St. Wendel/Saarland/Germany
  • Abitur at Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasium St. Wendel
  • Discovered the love of art
  • Studied primary education, German studies and at the intercultural institute in Landau / Pfalz
  • currently works as a referee in the school supervision
  • married, two children
  • self-taught art, paintings since about 1989
  • since 1994 regular exhibitions
  • Since 1997 wall designs in private and public spaces
  • since 1999 Presentation of works on
  • since 2000 works in oil
  • Intensive theoretical and practical employment with the area between figurativeness and abstraction


seit 1994 Ausstellungen in Geschäftsräumen, Cafés, Vinotheken und Praxen
seit 1997 Ausstellungen in Banken in Pirmasens, Tholey, Theley, Rockenhausen
2000 Kunst im Rathaus Wörrstadt
2002 Stiftung Marpinger Kulturbesitz
2005 DPD-Europazentrale Aschaffenburg
2006 Kulturhof Eckelsheim
2009 Anhäuser Mühle Monsheim
2010 Kulturtreff Altes Rathaus Saarwellingen
2013 SWR-Studio Kaiserslautern
2014 SGD Neustadt an der Weinstraße
2016 & 2019 Reismühle Krottelbach
2019 Hiwwelhaus Alsweiler